Founder and Developer

I founded and am the CEO of - a provider of intelligence, analytics, and personalization tools for Asia. I enjoy reading and running.

Twitter: @rishdotblog
Medium: @rishdotblog

My Personal Principles

0. Think for yourself and decide a) what you want, b) what is true, and what you should do to achieve a) in light of b)

Do not indulge in activities that are not in line with what you want

1. Always add more value than you extract

Never indulge in rent-seeking behaviour, and always add more value than you extract from the friends, colleagues, and partners you spend time with

2. Prioritize long-term sustainability, not short-term cash grabs

Always prioritize what is important for the long-term, instead of the flavor of the month

3. Find a tribe of super-heroes

Find and cultivate a tribe of amazing, inspiring people that have superpowers that far exceed yours in their domain(s). Build long-term relationships with them and help them whenever you can. Call upon their expertise and advice when you need to.

4. Identify the point of highest leverage

Figure out how you can add the most value to the system – don’t fall into the trap of being just a do-er when you can add much more value from being a strategist and/or an enabler.

5. Have Fun

If you wake up not looking forward to your day for too many days in a row, it’s time to hit the reset button on whatever it is you are doing. This applies to work, relationships, and to side-projects.

6. Seeking pain and pushing yourself is the fastest approach to getting better

You have finite time, but want to get better at what you do. Seeking pain in the right direction is the best way to do this. Use this to develop a mental edge, and become better and faster at making good decisions. But when doing this, remember that pain is mandatory, but suffering is optional.

7. Do not let success in any of work, play, or relationships be an excuse for failure in another area

There is little point in being extremely productive at work, but having a miserable personal life – you will burn out quickly and feel like shit in the long term.
Conversely, there is little point in having what seems like a great personal life, but not progressing much in your creative and technical endeavours – you will become antsy, and this will leak over to your personal life.

8. Spend your time doing things that create a dent in the universe

You’ve hated yourself when you’ve been doing mundane, run-of-the-mill things that a generic smart person can do. Spend your time and energies on things that have a massive impact and that you are uniquely positioned to do