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I founded and am the CEO of - a provider of automation and analytics tools for Asia. I enjoy reading and running.

Rishabh Srivastava

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What didn't work: failing with 5 startups before not failing with one

May 28, 2020

Before became a financially sustainable venture, I failed with 5 startups. Here is what I learnt.

Dealing with a cyber-attack: lessons learnt

May 6, 2020

We faced a major cyber-attack on 5th May. Here are the lessons we learnt.

Developing personal protocols for maintaining mental health

Dec 31, 2019

Over the last year, I tried to develop personal protocols to maintain my mental health and make it less sensitive to external events. This post contains a summary of these protocols.

Using Machine Learning to extract insights from customer names and images

Dec 19, 2019

Customer names and images have enormous predictive value, and can be used for a number of use cases in marketing, ecommerce, and sociology.

Using satellite data to track economic change in developing countries

Dec 02, 2019

Frequently updated satellite imagery can be used to track economic change at the macro- and micro-levels in developing countries

Dear Journalists, AI is coming for your jobs

Nov 03, 2019

Repetitive journalism will soon get automated, leading to both increased productivity and job losses

What's in a name? Plenty of possibilities for analytics.

Jul 28, 2019

Names can be used to estimate affluence, ethnicity, age, gender, religion, and more

Doing sales without being a jerk - lessons learnt

Jul 27, 2019

Add more value than you extract. Build real relationships. Follow up humanely

Great content does nothing in the face of bad strategy – lessons from The Content Trap

Jul 25, 2019

TL;DR: Superior content is great. Superior strategy is better.

Operationalizing DataViz – using sharp visual elements to create stories worth consuming

Jul 22, 2019

The most poorly read stories, it turns out, are often the most “dutiful” — incremental pieces, typically with minimal added context.

Why publishers must make their owned-and-operated platforms great again

Jul 22, 2019

Don’t ever tether your business to the benevolence of a third party. – Jim VandeHei, Co-Founder of Axios and Politico

Bootstrapping a data/API company in Asia from 0-80M+ requests in 2 years – lessons learnt

Jul 19, 2019

Lessons learnt while growing

Why sleep might be the biggest performance-enhancing substance – a summary of Why We Sleep

Jul 18, 2019

Lessons learnt from Matthew Walker's book Why We Sleep

Principles and Lessons from Peter Thiel's and Eric Weinstein's conversation on The Portal

Jul 17, 2019

Power-law distributions of talent, preference falsification, institutional betrayal, and other lessons from The Portal

Using data, machine learning, and recommendation systems to understand and engage media audiences

May 8, 2016

Companies can collect data about how readers are using their site and social media, and then use this information to drive content strategy and personalize offerings for users.

Creating better articles faster: here is how you can half the time for creating in-depth, interactive articles

May 8, 2016

Building in-house content-management systems can create significant impact for publishers and marketers.

Traditional Media is far from doomed, but only if product and editorial start having lunch together

May 6, 2016

How can traditional media companies, who built their reputations doing serious long-form journalism, compete with cat pictures and exploding watermelon videos that dominate the web?

Reimagining Media for the web (Part 1)

April 14, 2016

Most traditional media companies do not get the web. This post explains why.

Reimagining Media for the web (Part 2)

April 14, 2016

Most traditional media companies do not get the web. This post explains how they can start becoming better.

Strategic Self-Improvement – Becoming the best at what you do

November 8, 2013

After countless conversations and countless readings, I realized that success in any career is largely determined by whether you are one of the best at what you do.

Note to self

March 20, 2013

Every time you wallow in self-doubt, or in a sense of artificially-inflated self-worth, more sand slithers away to the wrong end of the hourglass.

University "Education"

February 20, 2013

If only [students] focused on what mattered, and realized that grades don't really matter.


October 8, 2012

But shying away from variability actually reduces our chances of creating something radically better.